How to get started

Getting into pigeon racing is simple and doesn’t need to involve a large start-up cost

Help is always at hand and members of local clubs everywhere are happy to provide young birds to those wanting to get underway.

Click on your region on the map on this page to be put in touch with the pigeon racing union representing your local club.  You can also contact the Royal Pigeon Racing Association for a starter pack and help finding a flying club.

It can cost as little as 10p a day to keep a pigeon healthy.  The start up cost to get a pigeon loft, birds and underway with club racing is about £300.  To get the most from a racing pigeon however requires the level of dedication found in greyhound and horse racing.

Racing pigeon diets are carefully balanced – comprising special high protein feeds for breeding and carbohydrate energy feeds and vitamin supplements for racing.

Pigeon racing is an interest for life and the community of 60,000 pigeon enthusiasts across the UK and Ireland will be delighted to help you discover why it’s such a great sport.